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The current committee assignments are here.

Fundraising: Explore and implement different funding opportunities: This semester has included t-shirt sales. Ideas for next semester include writing a letter to corporations requesting sponsorship, and selling MSU branded engineering paper.

K-12 Outreach: Coordinate TBP's MINDset program, which assists STEM education in grades K-12.

Professional: Coordinate professional development opportunities throughout the semester. This semester has included an Engineering Futures Session and a Resume writing session.

Recruitment: Assist with the recruitment of new members. Help work with elected members on their requirements for membership. Contact eligible eminent engineers (famous alumni).

Scholarships and Oppotunities: Find scholarship and fellowship opportunities especially relevant to Tau Bates, as well as other professional development opportunities.

Service: Coordinate two-three service events throughout the semester. This semesterís events included arranging campus tours, BEST robotics judging, & Canned Goods Trick-Or-Treating.

Social: Coordinate two-three social events throughout the semester. This semesterís social events included: a cookout, Bent-polishing party, & lunch and bowl.

Tutoring: Coordinate tutoring for underclassmen. Future project ideas include FE tutoring.

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